Hello. Whether you’re on your phone, laptop or computer, if you’ve purposely sought me out, are snooping over someone’s shoulder or exploring the endless maze of the world wide web and found yourself here, welcome. I’m Maán and I’m a writer.

To pay the bills I’ve worked as a journalist and editor. I’ve been responsible for launching a number of publications, a men’s lifestyle and horology magazine, a couple of websites and have worked in corporate communications among a number of other gigs. Though all that stuff is fun, especially the paying bills part, my passion is reading and writing fiction.

I write every day, if I could I would do it all day. If not writing new material for the novel I’m working on at the moment, I’m rewriting something I’ve already written. I start a new novel every March and spend much of the year researching, reading and writing. To read some of my fiction work, click here.

The idea for this blog and website was simple. Apart from catering to my own vanity of having a website dedicated solely to my thoughts, I also wanted to connect to other people and retell some of the ridiculousness that finds its way into the ethos of my life. It might not be exciting stuff to some but it is, at the very least, entertaining. And if you do indeed find yourself entertained, perhaps letting out a laugh (even if it is a pretentious scoff) I’d be much obliged if you shared your enthusiasm through your social media feeds and subscribed to my blogs and podcasts.

For those of you who are interested in working with me, have a look at my published works here to see some of my journalism and editing. As an art school graduate I have a fascination with art history, pop culture and English literature and I’ve worked on some substantial commercial projects over the past couple of years too.

So if you need to zone out, up for a good laugh have a read or listen and drop me a line on twitter, instagram or send me an email here.


Maán Jalal