Money, Money, Money, Maány!

Ah, the past. A slosh of memories making up the events and moments of our lives which, for some reason, choose to stick in our heads or vanish completely. Some of us have a knack for recalling the details of the most significant times of our lives, while others are better at remembering the lyrics of a song after only hearing it once.

I’ve always had a bad memory when it comes to

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Eid Mubarak (sort of)

When I was a little boy the only thing I wanted for Eid were new clothes, books and chocolate. If I’m being honest, not much has changed. Even though I had to work for most of this Eid, it was nice to see the city come to a serene stand still that I associate with families spending time together at home.

For most of us, whether we observe Eid, Christmas or any of the other countless religious celebrations out there, the holidays somehow held more meaning when we were children. The latest toy, copious amounts of candy and chocolates, spending time with loved ones or running wild for the day was enough to keep us content and carefree. This isn’t the case anymore. I’m not sure if that’s because as children simple things made us happier or the world itself was actually a simpler place.

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I was sitting at a café having lunch (Spaghetti Bolognese) when I happened to overhear a conversation between three women at the table behind me. The café had a lot of mirrors and reflective glass as part of its décor and I was sitting in a position where all I needed to do was look straight ahead to see the faces of the three women. Even though I was starving, running late for an appointment, and shouldn’t be eavesdropping, I couldn’t help myself especially since

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A Lesson in Maánogomy

I was on a connecting flight from Melbourne to Dubai a few years ago hoping that I would have three seats to myself. The 15-hour flight is horrendous and I wanted nothing more than to stretch out across the seats and engross myself in a movie. However, when I got to my seat I found

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