The Best Worst Stuff to Watch

Maàn Jalal

People complain these days that TV isn’t what it used to be. Famous and groundbreaking shows like I Love Lucy, Friends, All in the Family just don’t exist anymore and with  the advent and popularity of reality shows, quality TV programming has disappeared from our lives. Wrong. Not all reality shows are bad.
You know when you want to zone out and just watch ridiculous crap? This is kind of like that, except when I watch these shows, I can’t help but pay close attention to every little thing everyone is saying and doing. You’ll be surprised how entertaining and how much you can learn from watching people go on blind dates or people watching TV or even Kangaroos giving birth.





“Your ears line up with your nipples. Your nipples and ears are for balance.”

If you haven’t heard of Goggle Box thank me now for introducing you to one of the best shows on TV. Basically you’re watching people (from all over the UK) watching TV. I know it sounds like some Reality TV show inception, but it’s actually very clever. You get to see people and families from all walks of life reacting to politics, comedy, drama and news. It’s interesting to see how our points of views differ from one another or how surprisingly the same they are despite our upbringing.Here is compilation of some of the best moments of the show.



Judge Judy

Judge Judy Primetime

                          “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.”

The one and only. Even if you haven’t seen her show, you’ve heard of her no bull shit amazingness. Many people have claimed that the show is scripted, or that she’s not a real judge. Not true. The woman who, at one point was making more money than Oprah (yes, you read that right), can smell a lie before you’ve even said anything. It’s a sight to behold. I love her no nonsense attitude, direct approach and holding the laziest most ridiculous people accountable for the stupid things they do. Click here for one of my favourite Judge Judy moments.



Antique Road Show


“And how much did you buy that for originally?”

There’s something about the Antique Road Show theme song that tells me all is well with the world. In each episode we are at another historical location in the UK with hoards of people dragging their junk hoping it costs more than they bought it for. Not only do the experts tell us interesting stories about some of the bizarre items (teddy bears from WW1, old toilets, crazy key chains, weird art) but the tension is palpable whenever we are waiting to hear how much an item is actually worth. Here are some of the highest valued items that have ever been discovered on the show.



Animals Giving Birth on YouTube


“This baby red kangaroo, called a joey, has been out of the pouch just two days, and mom is getting ready to birth again!”

No, I don’t have a fetish. I just love animal programs especially when you see animals give birth. It’s weird, fascinating, disgusting and amazing. A must watch is seeing how a giraffe and elephant give birth. The craziest one I’ve ever seen is a kangaroo giving birth. Shocking. Intriguing. WTFing. See for yourself here.



First Dates


                              “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved”

Let’s thank the reality show Gods for this one. The idea is so simple. A French guy who is always talking about love, has a restaurant that’s designed for blind dates. Singles who have never met before are matched up for drinks, dinner, dessert and we get to watch the whole thing. The best part is watching them at the end when, in brilliant awkward glory, they have to tell each other (and us) whether they want to see each other again or not. Here is one the most hilarious dates I’ve seen on the show.



Real Housewives of Melbourne


                                 “Really. Go Combust in a corner. I have no interest.”

Before you judge just read. Though the whole franchise is ridiculous (and addictive), the Australian version is something else. Ludicrously dressed women, with equally ludicrous accents fighting each other off for a bit of lime light while swearing magnificently is nothing short of entertaining. How can you not laugh when housewife and barrister Gina Liano tells one of the housewives, “You’re an insignificant ass hair.” Best line ever. Click here to see Gina going off.