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Money, Money, Money, Maány!

Ah, the past. A slosh of memories making up the events and moments of our lives which, for some reason, choose to stick in our heads or vanish completely. Some of us have a knack for recalling the details of the most significant times of our lives, while others are better at remembering the lyrics of a song after only hearing it once.

I’ve always had a bad memory when it comes to

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GentleMaán vs CaveMaán

How should we best conduct ourselves in bizarre social situations? They say the age of the gentleman is timeless, that good manners never go out of style. It’s taken generations, wars, duels, fights and long lectures for men from many walks of life to shed away their Neanderthalic tendencies.

I for one have

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Beard Blood

I’ve been sporting a beard now for over three years. It never started as a means to stay on top of facial trends. It was simply time effective. Spending 10 minutes shaving every morning and ending up with a multitude of little cuts on my neck was a counter productive waste of my time.

When I first started growing,

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30 Seconds to Maán

Moral dilemmas are . . . dilemmas. Some issues aren’t a question of right or wrong but more of a predicament between what’s right and more right or wrong and more wrong. As a general rule of thumb, or any finger for that matter, I don’t like to get involved in other people’s business especially if I have to deliver bad news. However, shit happens. So instead of witnessing someone who doesn’t deserve to get shit drenched, one can’t help but direct the shit splattering to the person who is the cause of the shit splatteration. Right?

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All Hail The TaxiMaán

Taxi men. They sound like a race of superheroes. Sometimes they are. Instead of supernatural powers they have superhuman knowledge of the roads, back alleys and the histories of the cities they drive. Instead of a disregard for the laws set down by man, as most superheroes do, taxi men have a patent indifference to road rules. They zoom, overtake, cut across, beep as though they are breathing, all to get where they need to go. From the first horse-drawn for-hire carriages in the 17th century to the vehicles of today, we’ve all at some point, been relieved to get in a taxi and just sit back while someone else does all the work.

When I first moved back to Dubai, I wasn’t planning on driving until

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